Friday, December 28, 2012

Puppets and Post-Its!!! Oh My!!!

Two of my favorite stores in Los Angeles have always been Giant Robot and Giant Robot 2. I remember after finishing classes every Friday afternoon at UCLA, I would race down to Giant Robot to see what cool new product they had just gotten in. Or the numerous times when I'd line up early for an art opening at Giant Robot 2 just to ensure that I would get my first pick of an artist's work.

So I was truly grateful and honored when Eric (Big Boss Robot) asked if I would like to do an event at Giant Robot 2. I thought a live book reading with simultaneous puppet show would be a really fun idea. So we set up on one Sunday afternoon with books, puppets and monkey cookies.
Plenty of kids of all ages showed up. Stories were told. Cookies were eaten. We even had our own coloring contest.

We were truly touched to see so many smiling faces and friends. The following week I was also invited to submit art into Giant Robot's Post-It Show 8. There were so many talented artists in the show. I was so honored to partake. Here's a photo of the 9 Post-It's I made!

Unfortunately I could not make it to the opening night, but look at all those people.

December has been amazing month for us much due to the support of Giant Robot. 

Thanks Giant Robot and crew for everything!!!


  1. Very cool stuff Jerome! You have an amazing talent my friend. By the way, my daughter loved the t-shirt I picked up from you at Wondercon this past March. I gave it to her for Easter.

    1. Thank you so much!!! Truly means a lot that you enjoy my art!!! Hope to see you at more shows!!! Cheers!