Sunday, April 24, 2011


Howdy!!! Wheweee!!! Have I got a treat for you!!! Take a look at what we just put up for sale in the store.
These shirts are so rad that if your little ones wear one, they'll harness the power of the Shaolin Monkey Kung Fu Style!!! Fo' REAL!!! Need proof? Take a look at this photo!!!See when your little one wears this shirt they'll be Kung-Fu kicking it, just like our Number One Kung-Fu Cutey Cassidy!!! She sure is cute!!! Well there ya have it for this week!!! Before I leave ya, here's the latest Post-It Posting (that's a lot of Posts!!! HAHAHA!)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wonderful Wondercon Relief and Recap!!!

Hoo! Hoo! He! He! Even though it ended last week, we've finally recovered from 2011's Wondercon in SF. We had a wonderful weekend there. We were able to meet and greet new and old friends aplenty at the booth. Once again the Squid Kids were kind enough to let us share a booth. Here's a photo montage of last weekend's super fun booth!!!
We sold out of our Wondercon Exclusive Glow-In-The-Dark Deadly Ninja Monkeys and of our first run of Kung-Fu Monkey Master Banks. But not to worry, we're gonna have plenty of upcoming new stuff in the following months and even some stuff for Comic-con so stay tuned. Here's some post-its to close out this week for ya!

There ya' have it. Take care and keep clean behind yo' big monkey ears!!! Tootles!!!