Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baborilla's Beginnings!

Last week Giant Robot held UGLYCON 2013, a celebration of UGLYDOLL! We were invited to create our rendition of a custom plush BABO! Right away we knew we wanted to create BABORILLA, half BABO half GORILLA. Here's how we made him.
 First we created a sewing pattern in the computer and then printed him out.
 Then we cut the fabric and placed all the pieces on top
 Then the stuffing began. Ooops! He needs more purple fur.
 Awwww much better!
 Then we sewed him all up and began the final stuffing!
 BABORILLA was done and off to GR2 for the show.
 Can you find BABORILLA? Here's a hint. He's with all the wonderful custom BABOs!
 Still can't find him. Here's another hint. He's big and purple!
 UGLYCON concluded with David Horvath, the creator of UGLYDOLL, giving us a tour of Sawtelle and explaining the origins of them. It was so inspiring and amazing.
Here's David and us with BABORILLA. It was a super fun show and we hope to be back next year!