Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mucho Monkey Love!!!

A few weeks ago I participated 26th Annual For Our Children Food And Wine Festival. I donated a painting I specifically made for the event. It's the second year I have participated in the event. All the proceeds from the day go to supporting Los Angeles's Children Trinity Care Hospice. Here's some photos of the piece being worked on!!!
And here is the final finished piece and some photos from the event. I was lucky enough to have my piece next to some other very talented and creative artists like Paul Wilson, Vivian Nguyen, Annette Garza, and KwestOne. All the pieces were so amazing. The food was quite awesome too. Hahaha!All in all it was an honor to partake in the event. We have fallen a bit behind on the Post-It Project so here are two weeks worth. Enjoy and remember stay hyperactive!!!
Monkey Hugs and Kisses!!!