Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Fun Fun Times!!!

Part of working for a big toy company for my day job, I get to take part in lots of cool company art shows like the one we had a few weeks ago. It was the first ever Zooble Art Show. Employees were each given a blank 6" Zooble like the one below.
I decided that this lil guy definitely needed to show some of his macho side so I busted out the paint pens and made him El Zooba-Lucha!
Pretty fun macho stuff huh? Well that was the first art show of the year and I have two more next week. I'll definitely show you my pieces for them as the shows approach closer. With that let's KICK IT off with this week's weekly sketch!!!
KICK IT INTO HIGH GEAR!!! See you soon!!! Tootles!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chasing Dreams and Butterflies!!!

Wowee!! I'm only 4 weeks into the New Year and I'm already filled to the brim with upcoming creative projects. Currently I'm in 2 awesome art shows that are just looming on the horizon. We've also got some great new collabs and new products that we are proofing right now. I can't wait to share all these great new things with y'all. Here's a super sneaky peak of just a few new projects from the lab right now.

The great thing about doing all these projects is that they are all parts of a great big dream come true. It's so rad to go chasing after your dreams. You know what else is rad? CHASING BUTTERFLIES!!! Which leads me to the sketch of the week. Taaaadaaaa!!!
So there ya have it!!! Go chasing after your dreams and butterflies this week!