Monday, December 19, 2011


As the holidays are just around the corner, we just wanted to say how thankful we are for the past year for all the support we have gotten from family, friends, and fans. I would have never believed that I could make so many people smile this year. Whether you bought anything from us at a convention or online, or whether you just stopped by take a look or wrote us an email saying how much you liked our work, I just wanted say thank you and wish you HYPERACTIVE HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Well, I didn't make it a full 52 weeks for my 2011 Post It Project, but I tried my best. So here are the last of them for 2011. It sure was fun drawing all these monkeys this past year!!!
Tootles for now!!! See you next year!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hyperactive Monkey Goes To 2011 Designer Con

Wowee!!! It's been a busy past few weeks. First off a few weeks ago we exhibited at the 2011 Designer Con in the Pasadena Convention Center. It was our third year exhibiting there. And boy-oh-boy did we have fun!!! Here's a photo of our awesome booth display.
As you can see, we had a special guest at our booth. That's right we had a 3 foot wooden Monkey Kung Fu Master. He was carved by hand by the super talented Lorenzo Foncerrada. Here's closer view of the magnificent wood carving.
Awesome huh? We also had on hand our 2011 Designer Con Exclusive which was the Rosewood Monkey Kung Fu Shaolin Savings Bank.
We still have a few of the banks available and can be found on our store here. It was a great show. We got to meet many friends old and new. But the greatest part of conventions is when fans and friends ask for drawings and sketches which I love to do. Lets see me in action.
 So there ya have it. Great times were had this year at Designer Con. We'll definitely be back next year with more Hyperactive Monkeyness!!! Here's some Post Its from the last two weeks.
Well that's all folks!!! See you soon and have a most happy and hyperactive week!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Designer-Con Countdown!!!

Long time, no monkey!!! Haha!!! Get it? Anyhoo, we've been busy working on some super secret surprises for this year's D-Con on November 5th so that's why we haven't been posting too often. Here's a sneak peak from Mana Studios what we'll have in store.

There's quite a few more surprises on the way, but you'll just have to wait. Well we've got to get back to the labs to keep monkeying away, but here's this weeks Post It Project.
Stay hyperactive and keep monkeying around!!! Tootles for now!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hyperactive Monkey goes A.P.E.

Howdy Hyperactive Monkeyers!!! This past weekend we had the awesome opportunity to exhibit at the  2011 A.P.E. (Alternative Press Expo). It's a small little convention that is filled with tons great artists. Let's take a look at the hooligans.
The weather was quite nice and sunny so the monkey were out in full effect.
Here's me holding down the fort on Day 1 of the convention. As you can see the booth was filled to your hearts desire with Hyperactive Monkey goodness!!!
The great thing about conventions are all the nice folks you get to meet like these guys. One guy wore his shirt he bought from us last year. He said he gets lots of compliments on it. YAY!!! And these gals wanted me to draw them bunnies. I said sure but I'll add a monkey which they liked even more!!! DOUBLE YAY!!!
Of course none of Hyperactive Monkey would be possible without my bff and chief creative director (she calls herself chief nag), DAISY!!! Here she is holding the fort on Day 2. It was super fun!!!

Well, there ya have it. It was a short 2 day convention that was super fun. I always appreciate all those who come by with kinds words. Thanks y'all and we hope to see you next year!!!

Here's this week's Post-It Project.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monkey Post-It Project Progress!!

Salutations!!! It's been a pretty busy week here in the Hyperactive Monkey lab. Lots-O top secret projects in the works that I can't show you quite yet. However I just wanted to share this lil' awesome photo with ya.
This lil' stack is 3 years worth of doodles on post-its. Originally what was done just to make some "fun" time at not so "fun" meetings has become a weekly ritual and IT'S STILL FUN!!! It's pretty crazy to look back at all these little doodles and see what was going through my head at the moment. I plan on doing these doodles till' this lil' hyperactive monkey is old and grey. Anyhoo on that note, here's this weeks Post-It Project posting...that's a lot of p's!!!
So there ya have it. Have a most happy hyperactive week!!! Tootles!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Howdy Hyperactive Monkeyers!!! How are y'all doing? I'm doing GREAT!!! Why? Because a few weeks ago I had the great honor of participating in Super Cooper's Stop It! Show at Munky King! Super Cooper was kind enough to ask me to be in his show during San Diego Comic-Con, and of course I said, "YES!!!" He's only 12 years old and not only is he a great artist but he's already curated 2 shows at Munky King. He's amazing!!! Munky King also happens to be one of my favorite stores and galleries on Melrose. What an awesome experience!!! Anyhoo, here are some snap shots from the show.
Here's a close up shot of my piece. It's entitled "Be You! Be Different!"
The theme of the whole show was bullying and cyber-bullying. Part of the proceeds of the show will go to GLIDE (Gays and Lesbians Initiating a Dialog for Equality) and CHIME Institute (an organization dedicated to inclusive education where kids of all abilities learn together). Again it was such a great honor to be in this show.

Here's the last two weeks of the Post-It Project!!! Enjoy!!!
Well that's all for this week!!! Remember to be a MONKEY and most of all HYPERACTIVE!!! Tootles!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Howdy!!! Sometimes a lot of people ask us do you only draw Monkeys? And I always reply of course not. I also draw KUNG FU!!! This past Thursday I attended my first Drawing Club. It's a super nice relaxing evening workshop in Glendale with themed figure drawing models. Last Thursday's theme was Hong Kong Cinema so of course I had to attend!!! It's been awhile since I've done any figure drawing. Actually I think this was my first time actually doing a live figure drawing. Let's take a look at my quick sketches, shall we?
Not too shabby, but I still have a long ways to go. That's the great thing about being an artist. You constantly have to keep improving and learning from your environment and all the awesome people around you. Speaking of awesome people. Take a look at John Yu's custom Deadly Ninja Monkey he painted up. Here's a photo he sent me.
That's pretty SAAAHHHWEEET!!! Speaking of sweet folks. Here's Lil' Miss Broyles and her Kung Fu Cutey shirt.
She's definitely a Kung Fu Cutey!!! Well that's about it for this week. Oh yeah, hold on here's this weeks Post-It Project Posting...vroom...vroom...
Thanks so much everybody for always sending me photos of your customs or you wearing your Hyperactive Monkey gear. It means a lot to me!!! Keep on Hyperactive Monkeying!!! Ciaoooo!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hyperactive Shaolin Monkeys and Rabbits!!!

Howdy folks!!! Last month I was lucky enough to participate in my first custom toy show! It was quite an honor to have a piece at the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo, right next to MOCA. I was given a blank Kidrobot Frank Kozik Labbit. It looked like this before I got my monkey mittens over it.
A handful of Sharpie paint markers and a few seconds later...voilĂ , HYPERACTIVE SHAOLIN RABBIT!!!!!
All right, just took more than a few seconds to do this lil' bad boy. But it was a great show with lots of great artists and works. Let's take a look at the opening night of the show. Shall we?
Lots of talented artists and gorgeous customs!!! The show also happened to be in conjunction with Stan Sakai's Art of Usagi Yojimbo. Ever since I was young I loved Usagi Yojimbo. A lot of Hyperactive Monkey is in a way influenced by that samurai rabbit. It was quite an honor to meet Stan and chat about our favorite fearless rabbit. What could be better than meeting one of your favorite artists?
How about getting to do a sketch of a Shaolin Monkey next to Usagi Yojimbo!!!! So cool!!! Stan was super nice and said he thought my character was very cool. Thanks Stan!!!
So there ya have it. It was an awesome opening of my first custom show and it was even cooler that my piece sold the following day and I got to meet my favorite artist. I donated all the proceeds of my sale to the museum, which I frequent often. Everything was as red as roses. Speaking of flowers, here's this week's Post-It Project posting.
Well there ya have it!!! Tootles for now!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monkey-Con CRAZY!!!

Golly gee Hyperactive Monkeyers!!! It's been an eternity since I've updated the blog. So sorry about that. "What's the hold up!?" you may be asking yourselves. Well I'll tell ya. It's been a crazy month full of conventions. You could say, "We've Monkey-Con Crazy!!!" Get it? HAHAHA!! First up we exhibited at the 2011 Anime Expo in Downtown LA.
It was a super fun and crazy time. The highlight of the convention was getting to see new and old friends and fans. Take a look below.
Here's our good friend Mitchell. He's a super funny guy who is very creative. He created the Skelanimals!!! He even gave us a signed set of limited edition Skelanimals figures!!! YAY!!Next we have Dodger and Erin from the GameStation!!! These two gals are super nice and awesome!!! They were kind enough to put us in their Anime Expo recap video!!! DOUBLE YAY!!!Last but not least, these lil' guys mean so much to me because their mom told me they saved up for a whole year and spent their savings on my hats and buttons. It truly means so much when someone stops by and admires my work. Thanks lil' guys!!!

So next up we have San Diego Comic Con 2011!!! It's the first time we have ever exhibited there, and thanks to Squid Kids Ink we were able to share a booth with them in the midst of all the action. Let's take a look. Shall we?
Wowsers looks like a lot of fun, huh? Well you're right. It was especially fun because we got to meet so many new and old friends. Like this guy!!!That's right Kevin Pereira from G4 stopped by to take a look at all things Hyperactive Monkey. He really liked our stuff. He was super nice and funny!!!Here are the mega-talented artists Podgy Panda and Ritzy Periwinkle!!! It was so nice for them to stop by and say hi!! We partied pretty hard the next night, but we'll keep that hush hush! haha!!!Here are some more uber-talented artists. Tracy "The Nightwing" Tubera and Steve James from Finesse Skateboards are just as nice as they are talented!!! Here's "Kung-Fu Movie Madness" Mel and Erin Fitzgerald, who does amazing voice acting for such awesome cartoons like Monster High. Tracy is still here lingering from the previous photo. Haha!!Here's Daisy and Michelle. Michelle is our representative from the San Diego branch office of Hyperactive Monkey. Haha just kidding, not really. Actually I've known Michelle my whole life, and it was super awesome for her to help out at the booth.So every year I'm lucky to meet a famous celeb at the con. This year I didn't think it would happen because I was behind the booth the whole time. But Daisy was kind enough to handle the booth by herself while I got to meet a childhood hero of mine. That's right, this lil' monkey got to meet Hulk Hogan. He even put me in a head lock!!!

So we all had a super fun yet exhausting time a Comic Con. It was definitely a most memorable experience, and we hope to be back next year. Big shout outs to Jesse Hernandez, Spanky Stokes, Toysrevil, Jack from Vinyl Pulse, Beast Brothers, Ritzy Periwinkle, Podgy Panda, Angie Vtech, Sebastien Pablo and his lovely family, Michelle Chang, Anthony P. Gonzales, Kwestone, Tracy Tubera, Jonathan Ma, Nakanari and all the fans and friends that stopped by whether to buy something or just say hi. A super big thanks to Squid Kids Ink who always let this Hyperactive Monkey hang and share some space. None of it would be possible without your kindness and friendship. Last but not least, thanks to Daisy who always keeps this ship sailing smoothly. Whether it's setup, teardown, or sales, she always keeps this boat a float. Mega kissy thanks!!! Anyhoo that's it for now, it's been almost two weeks since the con, and I'm still beat. Oh yeah, here are two weeks' worth of the Post It Project!!!See ya soon Hyperactive Monkeyers!!! Tootles and Ciaooooooo!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011


Hiyaaaaaaa!!! Salutations and karate chops. Sorry about the lack of updates. We've been too busy Hyperactive Monkeying away at getting ready for 2 big conventions this month. First up is Anime Expo from July 1-4th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Squid Kids Ink have been kind enough to let us share a booth with them. We'll all be at booth #844 selling monkey and squid goodies!!! What kind of goodies? We'll how about this...Yup that's right!!! We just got in a new batch of PEACE, LOVE, & MONKEY NINJA T-shirts!!! Do yourself a favor and purchase one and the world will be a better place. HEHE!!! Speaking of Monkey Ninjas. We have found our number one Naughty Ninja Supreme and his name is Marcus!!!Actually Marcus isn't too naughty. He's more adorable than naughty. Anyhoo, this monkey has got to run and get ready for Anime Expo. Here's this week's Post-It Project posting!!! Tootles!!!