Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hyperactive Monkey Goes To 2011 Designer Con

Wowee!!! It's been a busy past few weeks. First off a few weeks ago we exhibited at the 2011 Designer Con in the Pasadena Convention Center. It was our third year exhibiting there. And boy-oh-boy did we have fun!!! Here's a photo of our awesome booth display.
As you can see, we had a special guest at our booth. That's right we had a 3 foot wooden Monkey Kung Fu Master. He was carved by hand by the super talented Lorenzo Foncerrada. Here's closer view of the magnificent wood carving.
Awesome huh? We also had on hand our 2011 Designer Con Exclusive which was the Rosewood Monkey Kung Fu Shaolin Savings Bank.
We still have a few of the banks available and can be found on our store here. It was a great show. We got to meet many friends old and new. But the greatest part of conventions is when fans and friends ask for drawings and sketches which I love to do. Lets see me in action.
 So there ya have it. Great times were had this year at Designer Con. We'll definitely be back next year with more Hyperactive Monkeyness!!! Here's some Post Its from the last two weeks.
Well that's all folks!!! See you soon and have a most happy and hyperactive week!!!