Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hadouken Hyperactive Monkey!!!

Sorry Hyperactive Monkeyers for the lack of posts. We been swamped in the Hyperactive Monkey HQ with projects. Here's a fun one we were involved with back in February. We were invited to be in an art show at BAIT in Diamond Bar. I decided to do a wood painting of one of my favorite characters, RYU. Here's my pencil sketch.
After I was happy with my sketch I transferred it to the wood panel and started to paint in the blacks.
Then I painted in the colors. I wanted to keep the wood grain as visible as I could so I decided just to paint in the red and white. And Hadouken!!! Here's the final finished painting.
Not only did BAIT have an art show, but it was also doing a simultaneous artist t-shirt release. KWESTONE, KIDOKYO, and myself were on hand that day doing signings. Here's me decked out in my shirt with Ono-San wearing KWESTONE's shirt.
We had a great time and thank Tsunami Syndicate, BAIT, and Capcom for all the hospitality. We hope to do more events and collabs with them in the future.


  1. This Ryu you created is simply AWESOME to say the least! It totally captures the likness while at the same time showing your unique take on this character. He was always a favorite of mine and you happened to make him look even cooler than he already was.

    1. Thanks One Shot!!! Ryu is definitelly one of my favorite characters! I also did a Ken that I have yet to finish!

    2. that is such an awesome piece. Ryu is my favorite character along with Akuma. Maybe we will see an Akuma piece soon?