Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wonderful WonderCon Recap!!!

Well, a whole week has passed since last week's  WonderCon!!! This monkey is fully rested and ready to give you a full recap. There were some big changes to this year's WonderCon. First off  this year's WonderCon moved from the Bay to LA because Moscone Center was being renovated. Another big change was this year were had own on booth, but don't worry we were still next to Squid Kids Ink so there was plenty of squid monkey love around. Let's take a look at the booth we had this year. 

My lovely monkey partner in crime, Daisy, braved the weather and flew down from SF to LA to help me out. Also Michelle from the Hyperactive Monkey San Diego branch office decided to help out too. We debuted our Deluxe Ninja Monkey which sold out by Saturday afternoon. Thanks for the support everybody.
For us, the best part of doing conventions isn't making the sale, but getting to meet all of our wonderful friends, new and old!!!
Wowee!!! So many friendly faces. Y'all really know how to make this monkey feel loved.
So I've kinda fallen behind on my weekly sketch project. But here's just a sampling of all the sketches I did for those who asked for them at Wondercon.
I had tons of fun drawing these. I hope y'all liked them too. Well that's all for now. Stay hyperactive and eat your cereal!!! Tootles!!!

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  1. I'm keepin' hyperactive with Cinnamon Burst Cheerios.