Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ABC's of Monkey Kung Fu!!!

Howdy Hyperactive Monkeyers!!! You wanna hear a story? Well of course you do! Here's a story about the creation of the book, The ABC's of Monkey Kung Fu! About 3 years ago I had to make an emergency work trip to Hong Kong (I only had half a day's notice that I needed hop on a plane overnight) to visit a factory. I didn't now how long I would be stranded in Hong Kong for. So on my downtime I decided to draw  some pages of an alphabet book incorporating our favorite characters from the Hyperactive Monkey universe. I never really thought too much about it and would just keep drawing pages even after my return from Hong Kong. Slowly and surely the pages began to add up. And after 3 years of drawing in my spare time, I noticed I had enough to make a whole book. Here's a snapshot of all the rough pages I drew and even a smaller printed prototype book.

Eventually our good friends from Fat Rabbit Farms helped us find a book printer and voila!!! Now we have are very own book available, The ABC's of Monkey Kung Fu. We are very honored to have sold quite a few already.
 Here's a little animated commercial for your viewing pleasure.
You can order a copy for yourself here if you'd like. Well there ya go!!! That's the story of how The ABC's of Monkey Kung Fu! came to be.

Well it's been busy in the monkey labs as we are going to be in this Spring's Unique LA. We are hoping to switch things up at this show and have a lot of hand painted art available for sale. You might even see this there.
The above piece is entitled "The Day In The Life Of A Hyperactive Monkey!" and it pretty much sums up how I spent today. Tootles!


  1. Looks awesome man. I love the weathered look on the pages. And it looks like it was really fun to draw all of those.


    1. Thanks Andrew!!! That really means lot coming from you!!! Can't what to see your book too!!!