Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hyperactive Monkey goes A.P.E.

Howdy Hyperactive Monkeyers!!! This past weekend we had the awesome opportunity to exhibit at the  2011 A.P.E. (Alternative Press Expo). It's a small little convention that is filled with tons great artists. Let's take a look at the hooligans.
The weather was quite nice and sunny so the monkey were out in full effect.
Here's me holding down the fort on Day 1 of the convention. As you can see the booth was filled to your hearts desire with Hyperactive Monkey goodness!!!
The great thing about conventions are all the nice folks you get to meet like these guys. One guy wore his shirt he bought from us last year. He said he gets lots of compliments on it. YAY!!! And these gals wanted me to draw them bunnies. I said sure but I'll add a monkey which they liked even more!!! DOUBLE YAY!!!
Of course none of Hyperactive Monkey would be possible without my bff and chief creative director (she calls herself chief nag), DAISY!!! Here she is holding the fort on Day 2. It was super fun!!!

Well, there ya have it. It was a short 2 day convention that was super fun. I always appreciate all those who come by with kinds words. Thanks y'all and we hope to see you next year!!!

Here's this week's Post-It Project.


  1. APE was super fun! Lookin' forward to the next one!