Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monkey Post-It Project Progress!!

Salutations!!! It's been a pretty busy week here in the Hyperactive Monkey lab. Lots-O top secret projects in the works that I can't show you quite yet. However I just wanted to share this lil' awesome photo with ya.
This lil' stack is 3 years worth of doodles on post-its. Originally what was done just to make some "fun" time at not so "fun" meetings has become a weekly ritual and IT'S STILL FUN!!! It's pretty crazy to look back at all these little doodles and see what was going through my head at the moment. I plan on doing these doodles till' this lil' hyperactive monkey is old and grey. Anyhoo on that note, here's this weeks Post-It Project posting...that's a lot of p's!!!
So there ya have it. Have a most happy hyperactive week!!! Tootles!!!

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  1. He he, monkeys who wear neckwear are my friends!