Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hadouken Hyperactive Monkey!!!

Sorry Hyperactive Monkeyers for the lack of posts. We been swamped in the Hyperactive Monkey HQ with projects. Here's a fun one we were involved with back in February. We were invited to be in an art show at BAIT in Diamond Bar. I decided to do a wood painting of one of my favorite characters, RYU. Here's my pencil sketch.
After I was happy with my sketch I transferred it to the wood panel and started to paint in the blacks.
Then I painted in the colors. I wanted to keep the wood grain as visible as I could so I decided just to paint in the red and white. And Hadouken!!! Here's the final finished painting.
Not only did BAIT have an art show, but it was also doing a simultaneous artist t-shirt release. KWESTONE, KIDOKYO, and myself were on hand that day doing signings. Here's me decked out in my shirt with Ono-San wearing KWESTONE's shirt.
We had a great time and thank Tsunami Syndicate, BAIT, and Capcom for all the hospitality. We hope to do more events and collabs with them in the future.