Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Here's a fun one!!! A few weeks my day job had a cool opportunity to take the Tron Light Cycles that they make and customize them for a show at Culver City's Royal-T. So what did I decide to deck out my light cycle as? MONKEY TRON OF COURSE!!! Here's my initial sketch for my concept.

So the next step involved me sculpting a little monkey that would fit on top of the light cycle. Let's take a looksie!!!

After I was happy with my sculpt, I spray painted the light cycle a nice Chiquita banana yellow with green highlights. I even made some nice little stickers for the sides. Then I painted the monkey a nice purple with a pink lil' butt. Here's a 360 degree view of the MONKEY TRON!

Here's a little collage of me and my bike at Royal-T Cafe along with some other great customs from Disney and our office.

Whewwww. It took a solid 3 days of work, but I was quite happy with my MONKEY TRON!!! I'll be seeing you soon in THE GRID!!! De-rezzing out my fellow Hyperactive Monkeyers!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Howdy y'all!!! It's been busy last few months in the Hyperactive Monkey kitchen. We just got done a few weeks ago exhibiting at this years Designer Con in Pasadena. It was our greatest show yet!!! We were greeted by so many happy new and old fans excited to see our booth. Nearly all our Heartbreak Edition Ninja Monkeys sold out!!! 2 sold before the show even started!!! WOWEEEEE!!! Can you spot the 4 Deadly Ninjas in the photo below? They may be tougher to find than Waldo.

Here's a closeup of the Hyperactive Monkey Game of Death Cartridge next to Tracy Tubera's custom at the Squid Kids Ink So Analog Custom Show at D-con!!! These two are getting ready to throw down!!!

So that wraps up our awesome Saturday at the show. It was a super busy and super fun show for everyone who went. I'll wrap up with a new skate deck design that I did for my day job's company's skate board design competition. I didn't place but it was super fun doing this board.

It pretty much sums up the essence Hyperactive Monkey; toys, junk food, Saturday morning adventures, robots, ninjas, and of course MONKEYS!!! Thanks again for the support!!! Talk to you soon Hyperactive Monkeyeers!!!