Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Here's a fun one!!! A few weeks my day job had a cool opportunity to take the Tron Light Cycles that they make and customize them for a show at Culver City's Royal-T. So what did I decide to deck out my light cycle as? MONKEY TRON OF COURSE!!! Here's my initial sketch for my concept.

So the next step involved me sculpting a little monkey that would fit on top of the light cycle. Let's take a looksie!!!

After I was happy with my sculpt, I spray painted the light cycle a nice Chiquita banana yellow with green highlights. I even made some nice little stickers for the sides. Then I painted the monkey a nice purple with a pink lil' butt. Here's a 360 degree view of the MONKEY TRON!

Here's a little collage of me and my bike at Royal-T Cafe along with some other great customs from Disney and our office.

Whewwww. It took a solid 3 days of work, but I was quite happy with my MONKEY TRON!!! I'll be seeing you soon in THE GRID!!! De-rezzing out my fellow Hyperactive Monkeyers!!!

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