Sunday, April 18, 2010


WOWEEE!!! It's been awhile since my last post and that's because I've been really busy monkeying around. Hehe!!! Actually Squid Kids Ink were really kind and let me exhibit with them at two back to back conventions. You could call it a MONKEY MARA-CON!!! Hehe!!! Get it? Mara-con instead of marathon!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Anyhoo, here's a quick visual recap of this weekend's Anaheim's Wizard World Comic-Con:

It's was super-fun hanging out with Squid Kids Ink. The convention was a bit slow, but nonetheless we met some nice fellow Hyperactive Monkeyers and made some new fans!

But let's rewind 2 weeks ago. Again Squid Kids Ink were kind enough to let me share a booth at San Francisco's Wondercon and that was one fun filled convention. We met a ton of new fans and sold out of many debut items like our Shot Through The Heart Hat and Deadly Monkey D.I.Y. Ninja (more on that lil' guy in a future post). It was great to be back home with friends and family and doing what we love to do – BEING CREATIVE!!! We will definitely be back next year!!! Here's a quick visual recap from that super fun filled most monkeytastic weekend:

Yup!!! Our booth had it all: Booth babes, Squibs, Squid Kids, Hyperactive Monkeys, and Deadly Ninja Monkeys!

So there ya have it. It's been a crazy month with all the preparation and exhibiting for the cons, but it was all worth it. I just want end off the post with a BIG THANKS to all of our fans for their support. Also I just wanted to say thanks for Squid Kids Ink for all their help and letting me share all of this magic with them!

Who says squids and monkeys can't co-exist? :)

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  1. You guys look so cute in the last picture! Say hi to Daisy for me will ya?

    I'm glad you had fun. :) wish I was there. Looks like a blast!