Monday, October 29, 2012

Monkey-Con Craziness!!!

It's been quite awhile since I've updated the blog and that's because we've have been busy these past few months working on new projects and exhibiting at a lot of conventions. Wanna see a recap? Why of course you do! The first convention of the summer was Anime Expo 2012.
For this year's convention we decided to get our own booth and due to Daisy's crazy work schedule I decided to brave the convention by myself for a couple of days. It was a pretty tough show for us for a variety of reasons, but rather than focus on the negative I'll say that it sure did make me happy to see everyone who stopped by.

Our next convention was amazing and held a super awesome surprise for us. On to our recap of San Diego Comic Con!!!
Comic Con is always a really fun and super crazy busy show and this year was no exception. Squid Kids Ink was awesome as usual and let us share a booth with them. On preview night we sold out of our Ninja Monkey exclusive within the first hour. What could be more crazy?
Well I'll tell ya! Early the following morning, Comic Con called me at 10:30 am to tell me that they had their own booth for me if I wanted it. So of course I said, "HECK YA!" Only problem was that I had to move into the booth right away. And if you have ever been to Comic Con you know how crazy the crowd is. Setting up and moving during the con was like swimming up a raging stream. But it was all worth it in the end.

Up next was San Francisco's 39th Annual Nihonmachi Street Fair!
This was our first year at the street fair and boy was it fun. Not only was the crowd super awesome and super supportive of our stuff, but there were so much yummy food to be eaten!

Our last convention of the summer was 2012 Stan Lee's Comikaze. We split a booth with Squid Kids Ink as it was our first time at the show for both of us and just wanted to test the waters. It wasn't the best of shows and was pretty slow for me. But again it was fun chatting with all the folks that stopped by.

Doing all these conventions takes a lot of preparation and physical work but in the end it's all worth it when you have so many wonderful friends that stop by and support what you do for a living. YAY!
Well that's it for now. Next week we have another convention to attend!!! And remember to eat your cereal and BE HYPERACTIVE!!! Tootles!