Monday, August 20, 2012

Memories Are Made of This

This past weekend I was able to partake in Super Cooper's 13th B-day/Art show extravaganza, "Memories Are Made of This" at Munky King. It would also be Munky King's last art show before closing their retail shop. I've been going to Munky King for several years and it's always been a great place of inspiration and place where many new friendships were made. Here's a couple of awesome pieces from the show.

 Here's my piece below. I called it "9 Childhood Monkey Memories". I painted 9 wooden sake boxes and each box represents a monkey character I wanted to be when I was young.
Super Cooper asked me if I'd like to do a live painting at the show. And of course I said, "YES!!!" Here's a couple of shots of me in action and the finished piece.

 All in all it was a super fun show and there were tons of smiling faces to be found. I'm a little sad that Munky King, the retail shop, is closing down, but I'm super happy about them moving to a bigger and better space. I know that they will continue to make super awesome art and toys!!! Tootles and keep monkeying around!!!